About Me

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and hold the city (and urban areas more generally) very dear to my heart.

At Haverford, I work at the Admissions Office as an Office Fellow (AOF), an Access & Diversity Intern (ADI), a member of the Student Admissions Advisory Council (SAAC), and a Senior Interviewer. I am also one of the co-founders and former co-heads of the Pan-Asian Resource Center (PARC), and currently serve as Senior Adviser. This semester, I am co-leading a student seminar for the Hurford Center for Arts & Humanities entitled: Asian/America: A Search for Belonging. I have also been heavily involved in the Customs First-Year Orientation program as a Customs Person (2016-2017), Customs Person Committee Member (2017-2018), and Upperclass Advisor (2018-2019). In previous years, I’ve spent time working as a High School Writing Tutor and Coordinator for Mentoring And Student Teacher (MAST).

Outside of break, I have kept busy as a:
Summer 2018   Hanna Holborn Gray Undergraduate Research Fellow (follow the link to see more on my research project)
Winter 2018     Former Content & Data Research Intern at the Center for Applied Community Engagement (CACE)
Summer 2017  Former Research Intern at Kurani Architecture
Summer 2016  Former Teaching Fellow for Breakthrough Summerbridge San Francisco